What You Need to Know about Lung Nodule

June 26, 2017

Lung nodule is not something easy because it can be frightening. One important thing to lower your chances of lung nodule is by educating yourself about it. Keep reading to get to know it better.

What is Lung Nodule Actually?

Actually, lung nodule is common. It is a spot on the lung that is 3 centimeters in diameter or even less. But, it can be frightening if the long nodule is larger than 3 centimeters and it is considered as “lung mass” and is more likely to be cancerous.

What is the Lung Nodule ICD-10 Diagnosis Code?

International Classification of Diseases Tenth Edition or ICD-10 in short is a diagnostic tool that is being used internationally to define diseases and any other purposes. Lung nodule ICD-10 code is R91.1. This code is found in Chapter 18, Section R90-R94. The code is written as “Abnormal findings on diagnostic imaging of lung”.

Is It Really Cancer?

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Cancer is the worst thing in life. The more than 3 centimeters size of lung nodule can be considered as cancer due to the following factors:

  • Size of It

If you have lung nodule, ask your doctor about the size immediately. The larger the lung nodule is, the more it is likely to be cancer.

  • Smoking

Smokers are more likely to have a problem with their lung. So, the percentage of cancer may be higher if you are a smoker and have a lung nodule.

  • Shape

Well, your doctor will understand it more. Smooth and round nodule is more like benign but the irregular nodule may be cancer.

  • Medical History

Once you are diagnosed to have lung nodule, check your medical history as soon as possible. The risk of cancer is higher if you have a history of cancer.

  • Growth

Check the growth of it too because the normal one is remaining the same size over time. Cancerous lung nodules tend to grow fairly rapidly with an average doubling time.

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What are the Causes?

The most common causes of cancerous lung nodules are lung cancer or cancer from other regions of a person’s body. It can be also due to:

  • Infections

The infection can be either due to some bacterial such as tuberculosis or fungal such as histoplasmosis.

  • Inflammation

Some conditions that can caused nodules are rheumatoid, arthritis, and else.

  • Tumors

It can be caused the benign tumors such as hamartomas or malignant tumors such as lymphomas or lung cancer.

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