Top 5 Home Remedies and ICD 10 for Small Bowel Obstruction

June 24, 2017

Small bowel obstruction occurs when there is a partial or complete blockage of the intestine or colon. This blockage will be slowing or even stopping the movement of the food through the digestive tract. ICD-10 code for small bowel obstruction is K56.60. This diagnostic tool defines the universe of diseases, disorders, injures and other health condition including small bowel obstruction. The ICD-10 code for small bowel obstruction is listed in ICD-10-CM in the section K55-K64.

To prevent this disease is easy actually. You just have to eat fibrous foods especially green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits and drink enough water every day. However, if you have had the problem already, you can do some top home remedies as the following.

  1. Lemon Tea and Honey

I write the lemon tea and honey as the first home remedy for small bowel obstruction because they are known to be very effective in treating this disease. The sweetness and texture of the honey will soften your bowel and lubricate the lining of the intestines.

  1. Water and Honey
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In the second place, we still talk about honey but you just simply combine it with water. You just have to boil the water and let it cool. Add honey into it, blend it well, and drink it. Drink the mixture of honey and water before you sleep.

  1. Cleansing Beverages

You are absolutely familiar with any product of cleansing beverages which is a potential alternative medicinal drinks sold in the market. You can find a variety of herbs, fruits, and vegetables which contain vitamins and mineral in these drinks. It will definitely make your GIT healthier.

  1. Mint, Lime and Ginger

Mint, lime and ginger are just another good mixture to heal you from small bowel obstruction. Mix the lime juice along with mint juice, ginger juice and black salt to be drunk.

  1. Drink More Water and Increase Fiber

Whether you are preventing the bowel obstruction or healing it, make sure that you always drink more water every day. The more water you drink, the more effective your blood to carry more oxygen to all the parts of your body. The well-supplied blood of your GIT will make the function proper. Then, consume more fiber such as wheat, oats, rice, leafy vegetables, and fruits.

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These home remedies are believed as very easy-to-do ways of treating small bowel obstruction. Consult with your doctor too to achieve the best result.

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