Things You Must Do as the First Aid to Testicular Pain

June 22, 2017

When we talk about testicular pain, we refer to the hurt or discomfort feeling around one or both of testicles. A person with testicular pain may also feel the pain in his scrotum. The pain does not always start at the testicles but it may be start at the abdomen that moves towards the testicles.

Testicular pain can be caused by viral, infection or trauma. Testicular pain ICD-10 diagnosis code is N50.819. ICD is a diagnostic classification standard for all clinical and research purposes that include monitoring of the incidence of diseases and may others. Testicular pain ICD-10 code is listed in Chapter 14, Section N40-N53. When the pain occurs, try to do the following first aid to treat the pain.

  1. Take the Pain Medications

This step is believed as the best first aid you can do. Find some painkillers immediately such as ibuprofen, aspirin or paracetamol. But, do not mix the medications. Simply just take one because overdose can lead to serious side-effects to you.

  1. Lie Down
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Instead of sit down or standing, you’d better lie down in order to relieve the pain. Lie down on your back while waiting for the professional medical assistance is obtained. This step will make you relieve the physical stress. In this step, you are trying to make yourself comfort.

  1. Apply an Ice Pack to the Area

Applying an ice pack to your testicles is believed as the best way to relieve the pain and swelling of the testicles. Simply wrap the frozen ice in a dry clean cloth before applying to protect from frostbite.

  1. Take a Rest

After doing those 3 stages, you have to rest and avoid any vigorous activity. In this step, you are allowing time for the testicles to naturally heal. Make sure that you are avoiding heavy lifting, running and other strenuous exercises.

  1. Wear Supportive Underwear

You are also suggested to wear the supportive and comfortable underwear. It is a beneficial step to relieve the testicular pain.

Those are things you must do when you get the pain. You also have to seek medical help as soon as possible if your pain occurs suddenly and starts from the abdomen and if the pain is very severe. Also seek medical help if the pain occurs along with other symptoms like vomiting and else or there are bruises or swelling in the scrotum.

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