The Right Ways to Help People with Bipolar Disorder

June 19, 2017

Some people may call it as manic-depressive illness and the other ones may call it as bipolar disorder. Whatever term you use, it is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in a person’s energy, activity levels, mood and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks. ICD-10 code for bipolar disorder is F31. ICD-10 which stands for International Classification of Diseases Tenth Edition is the diagnostic classification standard for all clinical purposes. It defines the universe of diseases, injuries and disorder.

Since there is no single cause of bipolar, everyone can have bipolar disorder as well as your family, partner, child or friend. Caring for someone with bipolar disorder can be very hard. However, we cannot blame for their illness. Here are some right ways to help people with bipolar disorder.

  1. Learn More about Bipolar Disorder

First thing you have to do is learning. Try to read information that related to the condition on books, articles or web sites.

  1. Listen without Judging
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In this case, you have to be a very good listener. You do not really have to offer any advice and judge people with bipolar disorder. However, you to do not have to dismiss all of their emotions and feelings as signs of their illness.

  1. Encourage the Person to Stick with Treatment

Someone with bipolar disorder needs to take their bipolar medication regularly as the doctor suggest. They also need regular checkups. Encourage them to do it responsibly.

  1. Invite Them to Go Out

Once in a week, you can take the person out for coffee or movies. Sometimes, people with bipolar can isolate themselves. It is because being someone with bipolar is not easy. So, it is your job to accompany them and encourage them to do things outside together.

  1. Make a Plan for Bad Times

Next thing that you can do to help people with bipolar disorder is by making a plan for bad times. This disorder is unpredictable. You should plan for their bad times. Agree with them about what to do if their symptoms get worse.

  1. Let Them Know that You are There
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It is important to let them know that you are always available to talk when they need. In addition, ask them about what you can do for them.

  1. Take Care of Yourself

Once again, caring someone with bipolar disorder may be hard. So, make sure that you take care of your emotional and also physical.

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