Two Types of the Developmental Delays in Children

February 23, 2017

From watching the development of embryo till watching our babies developmental is a pleasant thing for parents. Every child has to develop at his or her own pace. Your babies reach developmental milestone in the expected age. These developmental milestones are like rolling over, sitting, walking and talking.

A problem can occur if a child does not reach developmental milestones within some normal standards. This is then called as developmental delay. There are different types of developmental delays in infants and young children such as:

  • vision
  • language or speech
  • motor skills (movement)
  • cognitive skills (thinking), and
  • social and emotional skills

The delay can occur in either one area only or all of these areas called global developmental delay. Here, we are going to discuss about two types of developmental delays (vision and language or speech).

Vision Developmental Delay

Vision of newborn baby is normally blurry. It will improve as he or she begins to coordinate sight in both eyes. If it does not happen, they have a problem in vision developmental. There are several causes of vision delays in children such as nearsightedness, amblyopia (lazy eye), infantile cataracts, strabismus, or retinopathy of prematurity.

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Parents should recognize it soon because an early treatment can work properly in many vision problems. Some treatments that are usually used are glasses or contact lenses, special glasses, an eye patch and surgery. Parents should be aware and contact the doctor soon if the baby does not follow moving object with his eyes or does not notice hands by 2 months.

Language and Speech Developmental Delay

This kind of delay is a most common type happened to children. The causes are more than one language exposure in their environment, child abuse, learning disability, hearing loss, autism spectrum disorders, muscles controlling speech problem or probably without any cause.

To prevent and to treat this kind of developmental problem, parents should communicate more with the children like invite them to sing or talk, read some lullaby or stories, reinforce speech and language daily, and get treatment for middle ear infections.

Developmental delays or developmental disorder is listed in International Classification of Diseases or ICD in short. ICD which we are talking here is the tenth revision or ICD-10 in short. Diagnosis code of developmental delay ICD-10 is F82. This developmental delay icd 10 code is used to classify and diagnose the disease. It is being listed in section F80-F89.

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