6 Ways to Ease Your Headache, ICD-10 Code Headache

June 30, 2017

Headache is a common thing that everyone knows. You may feel pain in the region of the head or neck if you are doing so much activities or your brain works so hard. Headache that is caused by some conditions like that may be not harmful. However, headache can be serious too and it can be a symptom of serious health problems. So, it is never right to underestimate and let headache untreated.

International Classification of Diseases Tenth Edition or ICD-10 in short which is a diagnostic tool to define diseases has headache description inside. ICD-10 code headache is R51. This is the valid ICD-10 diagnosis code. The ICD-10 code headache is listed in Chapter 18, section R50-R69 entitled General Symptoms and Signs.

The pain that a person with headache feel may be a worst distraction in doing daily activities. This writing will help you to ease your headache by some ways.

  1. Lower Your Stress Level
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This way is the most important way that you have to do first. I have read a great book that showed me a secret to stay healthy. The writer says that stress is the source of every disease. So, lowering your stress lever is vital. A study also concluded that the more stress a person has in life, the more headaches he is likely to get.

  1. Rest More

Like you read above that doing so many activities without balancing your resting time can cause a headache. So your headache can also be a sign that your body needs a break. To ease your pain, try to sleep for one hour or so.

  1. Exercise More

No one can be healthy without exercising. If you often get headache, try to do thirty minutes of walking, biking, swimming or other physical activities regularly. In addition, exercising can also limiting you stress level.

  1. Drink Enough

Headache can be also caused by dehydration. Drinking enough fluids every day is so important to ease your headache. To stay hydrated will get you away from other diseases.

  1. Quitting Smoking and Drinking
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Bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol are causing so many diseases. One of them is headache. To stop such habits is not easy. So, you can go easy on the alcohol and smoking first.

  1. Maintain a Healthy Weight

A study said that being overweight may increase someone chances of having headache and migraines. If you are overweight, you are highly suggested to losing your weight through diet and regular exercise.

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