ICD-10 Code for Screening Colonoscopy Procedure

June 23, 2017

If you have a problem with your health, you doctor may examine the affected area by some procedure. Screening colonoscopy is one of them. Alike its name which includes the word “colon”, screening colonoscopy is an exam or procedure that the doctor uses to visually look inside your colon (large intestine). It is used to know the possible causes of medical conditions like abdominal pain, rectal bleeding or changes in bowel habits.

ICD-10 code for screening colonoscopy is Z12. ICD which is the standard diagnostic tool for epidemiology, health management and clinical purposes has some functions like monitoring of the incidence and prevalence of diseases, keeping track of safety and quality guidelines, counting of death, etc. The screening colonoscopy procedure is also listed. The ICD-10 code for screening colonoscopy can be found in section Z00-Z13 entitled persons encountering health services for examinations.

The Preparation before the Day of the Procedure

You absolutely need some preparation before having colonoscopy. Usually, the doctor will give you some questions to know about special medical conditions such as pregnancy, lung conditions, heart conditions, allergies and medications. So, you have to tell the doctor about your condition well especially if you have diabetes.

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After that, your doctor will tell you to empty the colon in order to help the doctor see the lining of the bowel clearly. It means that you need to restrict your diet for at least 24 hours before the procedure.

The Perform of Screening Colonoscopy

In the day of the procedure, you will lie on your left side on an exam table. You will not be awake for the procedure. You will get sedatives through a tube in your arm that makes you sleep. Then, the doctor will put a tube-like instrument which is called a colonoscope into your rectum that has light and video camera on the tip. The doctor then can see the lining of your colon and find the problem. This procedure is usually taken between 20 to 30 minutes.

After the Procedure

You may be wondering about what will happen when you wake up. So, normally, you may have cramping or pass gas. You can eat as usual after you that but your doctor may tell you to avoid certain medicines. Make sure that you understand what he says. You also have to be with someone to take you home after the procedure because it will not be safe to drive after the colonoscopy. So, if your doctor tells you to have colonoscopy, you have to know that nothing is scary about colonoscopy.

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