Easy Ways to Prevent Onychomycosis, ICD-10 Code for onychomycosis

June 9, 2017

Having a red colored or sprinkled nail is so good for women but how if your nail changes its color by itself? That will be a nightmare for you. If your nail becoming thickened and discolored like white, black, yellow or green, it means that you have onychomycosis. Simply, onychomycosis or also called as tinea unguium is a fungal infection of the nail and the toenails in the most common.

Onychomycosis is listed in International Classification of Diseases Tenth Edition or people usually say it as ICD-10 which includes diagnosis codes for diseases. ICD-10 Code for onychomycosis is B35.1. It is a valid ICD-10 code for onychomycosis. It can be found in Chapter 1 section B35-B49.

Onychomycosis often occurs in adults but you have to do some things as preventions of this disease from now.

  • Keep Your Hands and Feet Dry

As we know that mold and fungus thrive in dark and wet places. So, make sure that you always dry the skin between your toes right every time after shower. You can also using antibacterial foot powder on your feet and in your shoes.

  • Always Wear Fitted Shoes
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The habit of wearing unfitted shoes can cause onychomycosis. Make sure that your shoes should not be touching your toenails. You also have to avoid sliding into shoes that are too big and jamming your toenail into the end of the shoe. Only wear a fit one.

  • Wash Socks with Disinfectant

You can also add a capful of liquid disinfectant to the final rinse cycle of your socks and pantyhose. It will help you so much in destroy fungus.

  • Avoid Going Barefoot in Public Areas

Public areas are loaded with fungi that are waiting to get to your toes. These public areas include locker rooms, showers, public swimming pools and any other similar areas. Instead of going barefoot, you are highly suggested to wear flip-flops, sandals, or shower shoes.

  • Protect the Nail From Trauma

Everything that can cut your toenail bed can cause onychomycosis. Stubbing in your toe or rough scrub with a brush on your feet will cut your toenail bed and it can give fungus an opening.

  • Strengthen Your Immune System
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Fungal infections will be easier happen if you do not have a good immune system. So, make sure that you are always in healthy conditions, and managing your stress with activities like hiking or meditation and having enough sleeping.

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