Disease of Amenorrhea And icd 10 Code For Amenorrhea

January 23, 2017

To begin with, let us talk about a general thing that is so close to amenorrhea namely menstruation. Menstruation or also called as period is vaginal bleeding that occurs as part of women’s month cycle. Menstruation usually starts between age 11 and 14 and it will be continued until menopause at about age 51. As we know, menstruation happens if there is no pregnancy occurs.

There are some diseases of this period. One of them is amenorrhea. Amenorrhea is the absence of menstrual bleeding that can happen naturally or it causes for any other reasons that can harm you. In the first place, amenorrhea happens when the menses fails to occur by age 16 years. So, if menses does not occur at the normal age around 11 and 14 and there is no onset of puberty, the amenorrhea should start. In the second place, amenorrhea is also defined as the cessation of menses.

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Causes of Amenorrhea

  • Natural Amenorrhea

As what I write on the second paragraph, amenorrhea can happen naturally such as when you are pregnant, breast-feeding or menopause. It is absolutely normal, nothing to worry about. The below causes are signs of a medical problem.

  • Contraceptives

Be careful if you consume some birth control pills because you may not have periods even after stopping oral contraceptives. It needs some time to the period to return.

  • Medication

Certain medication also can cause the stopping of menstrual periods including some types of anipsychotics, cancer chemotherapy, antidepressant, blood pressure drugs, and allergy medications.

  • Lifestyle Factors

This factor cannot be apart from some illness. Some lifestyle factors contribute o amenorrhea are low body weight, excessive exercise and stress. So, you have to make sure that your weight is not 10% under the normal weight, do not do some high energy activities and do not let your stress increases.

  • Hormonal Imbalance because of Medical Problems
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Thyroid malfunction, pituitary tumor, premature menopause can cause hormonal imbalance that caused amenorrhea.

ICD-10 diagnosis code for this disease is N91.2. This amenorrhea ICD-10 code occur from some code classifications like diseases of the genitourinary system (N00-N99), noninflammatory disorders of female genital tract (N80-N98), and absent, scanty and rare menstruation (N91). The clinical information for amenorrhea ICD-10 are absence of menses for three months or more, absence of menstruation, and absence or abnormal cessation of the menses. This disease also called as missed period or menstruation absent.

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