Icd 10 Code And 5 Foods to Combat Hypertension

February 14, 2017

Since my mother has been diagnosed as a patient of hypertension, I know more about this disease. One terrible thing that I heard is hypertension is also called as “silent killer” because it is no symptom. My mother is never okay with hospitalization, she mostly looks for natural healing. This condition inspires me to write this kind of article. Hypertension is a condition when the pressure of the blood being pumped through your arteries is higher than it should be. Hypertension simply called as high blood pressure.

This disease is absolutely listed in International Classification of Diseases, tenth revision or ICD-10 in short. It is a term to call a system to classify any diseases through some codes. ICD-10 code for hypertension is I10. This code lists in the section I00-I16 which is discussed about hypertensive diseases. In category I10, you will find icd 10 code for hypertension directly. Here are 5 foods to combat hypertension effectively.

  1. Stevia
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In the first place, we have stevia which is common choice to combat high blood pressure. A trial has been applied to participants with high blood pressure. They found that those given 750 milligrams stevioside per day decreased their hypertension. Stevia itself also called as a natural sweetener. Consume it every day can reduce your hypertension.

  1. Green Tea

A popular tea from China – green tea – is not a secret anymore, I guess. Green tea has a good substance called polyphenols or also known as catechin. This substance is proven in improving blood flow and combat blood pressure. Consume it each day is believed as a good natural healing for hypertension.

  1. Potatoes

If you are searching for a high potassium food, potatoes are the answer. Besides, it also has magnesium and minerals which can help to lower your blood pressure. Potatoes are also high in fiber that is the best for your healthy diet. Enjoy a baked potato every night in your diner may be so good to lower the hypertension.

  1. Bananas
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This one is so easy to find and cheap. One medium size of banana provides 1% calcium, 8% magnesium and 12% potassium that are best to treat your hypertension. You can eat it directly before eating the main dishes or slice banana into your breakfast cereal or oatmeal.

  1. The “Superfood” Kale

Consume one cup of kale provides 9% calcium, 6% magnesium and 9% potassium. Take it every day is believed as the best healing for hypertension.

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