Foods to Eat and to Avoid for Osteoarthritis

July 2, 2017

The most common form of joint disease that is affecting people all over the world is osteoarthritis. Technically, osteoarthritis is a condition that affects your joints and causing pain. International Classification of Diseases Tenth Edition or ICD-10 in short which is a system to diagnose a disease also includes a diagnosis code for osteoarthritis. ICD-10 for osteoarthritis is M19.90. The ICD-10 for osteoarthritis can be found in chapter 13, section M15-M19.

A person with osteoarthritis may experience pain, stiffness, grinding or granting sensation when he or she moves the joint. It can be caused by a number of reasons such as age late 40s or older and overweight. Some foods may also affect your joint. Here are a number of foods to eat and to avoid for osteoarthritis.

Foods to Eat for Osteoarthritis

  • Bananas and Plantains

These foods can increase your bone density because they contain magnesium and potassium. So, make sure that these two super foods are always on your kitchen.

  • Salmon
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Salmon contains a high omega-3 that is believed to reduce joint pain and shorten the duration of morning stiffness. People with osteoarthritis are highly suggested to consume salmon.

  • Orange Juice

Nothing is better than a glass of orange juice. Beside tasty, the vitamin C in orange juice is also vital to prevent new cases of knee osteoarthritis and develop normal cartilage.

  • Peanut Butter

Peanut butter contains B3 vitamin that can help people with osteoarthritis effectively. It has been showed by a study that B3 vitamin was more effective than a placebo in improving a person’s flexibility.

  • Green Tea

Green tea, known as super food for a diet, can also inhibit chemicals and enzymes that lead to cartilage and breakdown. So, from now, you have to change your drink into green tea.

Foods to Avoid for Osteoarthritis

  • Meat and Eggs

Consuming too many omega-6 fatty acids that are found in some foods like meat and eggs may exacerbate arthritic pain and inflammation. As you read above, you will be better if you consume salmon rather than meat or eggs.

  • Refined Carbohydrate
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Refined Carbohydrate sources can affect a damaging impact on your blood sugar level, energy and moods. The foods like enriched breads, pasta, and snack foods must be avoiding for osteoarthritis intend to reduce the symptoms.

  • Trans Fat

Trans fat not only increase your LDL but also lead the inflammation. You have to choose whole foods such as fruits and vegetables to reduce your trans intake.

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