4 Important Facts And icd 10 Code of Parkinson’s

February 5, 2017

Have you ever heard about Parkinson’s disease? This is a health-threatening condition that can affect the way you move. You definitely knew that Parkinson’s disease (PD) has been diagnosed to Muhammad Ali, a boxer who died at 74 on Friday night. So, the question is, “What is Parkinson’s disease?”

Parkinson’s disease happens when there is a problem with certain nerve cells in the brain. Our brain needs a neurotransmitter called dopamine to regulate the movements, body and emotions. Then, Parkinson’s disease is a condition where a person’s brain slowly stops producing dopamine.

To make sure or to diagnose this disease, we have to use a diagnosis system. A diagnosis system that used internationally is ICD (International Classification of Diseases). This system includes codes, symptoms and other detail classification of a disease. The tenth revision of it simply called as ICD-10 Parkinson’s code is G20. This icd 10 Parkinson’s code can be seen on chapter 6, section G20-G26 and specifically on category G20.

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Parkinson’s disease is one of many diseases that still need a lot of researches. Here are 4 important facts that you have to know about Parkinson’s disease.

  1. The Cause is Still Unknown

In most cases, Parkinson’s disease is a kind of disease that progresses slowly and surprisingly, the causes are still unknown. But scientist found some possible genetic mutation that is linked to Parkinson’s disease such as lifestyle. The ones who drink caffeine have a lower risk of getting Parkinson’s, even though the cause and effect relation has not been proven yet.

  1. Diagnosing Parkinson’s Disease is Complicated

Doctors may check it by looking for four cardinal features of the movement disorders. But the fact, there is no specific test to diagnose Parkinson’s disease. So, diagnosing this disease is more complicated.

  1. Parkinson’s Disease is Not an “Old Person” Disease

If you think that Parkinson’s only occurs in older people, you are wrong. Most cases happen to people around age 60 but it does not prove anything. Younger people can also be affected by Parkinson’s even if you are only 29 or even younger.

  1. Stress and Depression Condition Can Make Parkinson’s Worse
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I do believe that stress and depression are the main causes of almost every disease. Having an unhealthy mental condition is threatening your life. It is also affected in Parkinson’s. You will be better if you tell your conditions to people especially your families, friends and else. It will ease it.


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