Effects, Causes, Prevention And ICD 10 of Vitamin D Deficiency

Januari 18, 2018

Bones ache, head sweating, gut trouble are several signs you may have if you have a vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D or also known as ‘sunshine vitamin’ is vitamin that you can get from food or supplement. It is also produced by the body in response to skin being exposed to sunlight. As other vitamin, vitamin D serves some important functions in the body such as promoting calcium absorption, reducing inflammation, promoting bone, cell growth and many others.

Every disease is noted in a cataloging system called ICD-10. Technically, ICD-10 stands for International Classification Diseases Tenth Edition. This system is full of diagnosis codes for any diseases. This system is so useful for medic. ICD-10 code for vitamin D deficiency is E55.9. The ICD-10 code for vitamin D deficiency can be found in section E50-E64.

Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms are not easy to discover because it does not always cause symptoms and the symptoms are not felt until the vitamin D level get very low. If it does, the people with vitamin D deficiency may experience some symptoms include:

  • Bone pain
  • Frequent bone fractures
  • Difficulty thinking clearly
  • Muscle weakness
  • Head sweating
  • Gut trouble
  • Soft bones
  • Fatigue
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Causes of Vitamin D Deficiency

The vitamin D deficiency can occur for some reasons such as:

  • The limited exposure to sunlight. Everyone knows that the body makes vitamin D when it is exposed to sunlight. So, you are at risk of vitamin D deficiency if you are homebound, live in northern latitudes or even if you always wear sunscreen which can block the sun’s ability to stimulate vitamin D production.
  • Vitamin D deficiency can occur if you do not consume the recommended level of vitamin D over time.
  • You have darkly pigmented skin. The pigment melanin reduces the skin’s ability to make vitamin D in response to sunlight exposure.
  • You are obese. Being obese can make you at a high risk of several diseases. One of them is vitamin D deficiency. It happens because vitamin D is extracted from the blood by fat cells.

Prevention for Vitamin D Deficiency

This disease is not hard to prevent as long as you are:

  • getting out in the sun without any sunscreen for about 15 minutes each day
  • consuming foods that are high in vitamin D, and
  • taking a multivitamin that contains vitamin D.
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