Chronic Kidney Disease and the Ways to Keep Your Kidney Healthy

June 20, 2017

Kidney has an important role in the body. It is responsible for filtering excess fluids and waste products from our blood and eliminated in the urine. The chronic kidney disease is progressive loss in the kidney function over a period of months or even years. ICD-10 code for chronic kidney disease is N18. You may have known the term of ICD already. It is the global health information standard that is used in clinical care and research to define diseases as well as chronic kidney. The ICD-10 code for chronic kidney disease is listed in Section C15-C26.

This disease occurs due to many factors such as diabetes and high blood pressure. It can also be caused by kidney infection or inflammation, congenital kidney diseases, obstruction of the urinary tract and autoimmune disorders. Then, you are at a higher risk of chronic kidney disease if you are a smoker and drinker. In addition, if you are obese, have diabetes or heart disease.

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Early symptoms of this disease that you may notice are nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, itching, chest pain, uncontrollable high blood pressure or unexpected weight loss. Later-stage symptoms include difficulty staying alert, weakness, numbness, fatigue, bad breath, cramps, bone pain, hiccups, swollen feet and ankles, and shortness of breath. Having a chronic kidney disease is awfully scary, isn’t it? So, it is important to keep your kidney healthy before any problem occurs. Here are several things you can do.

  • Eat healthy foods. Foods are sources that will either help you or attack you. It is better if you consume super foods for your kidney such as apples, cauliflower, cabbage, cranberries, blueberries, fish and olive oil.
  • Exercise regularly. Your healthy eating habit can be completed by exercising regularly. If you are having other health problems, be careful in choosing the kind of exercise.
  • Quit smoking. One very bad habit that people commonly have is smoking. Smoking may damage blood vessels and it will decrease the flow of blood in your kidneys.
  • Keep hydrate. Make sure that you drink enough water per day. The amount of water that people need is different between one and another based on several things. Make sure you know your amount and do not overdo it.
  • Get regular kidney function screening. This point is for people who are at higher risk of chronic kidney. So, you must consult it with your doctor to check your kidney function regularly.
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