Causes, Symptoms, Prevention, icd 10 Code For Thrombocytopenia

February 4, 2017

There are little pieces of cells in blood which function is to stop bleeding by clumping and clotting blood vessel injuries. These cells called platelets or some people also called it as thrombocytes. Normal human platelet count ranges from 150.000 to 450.000 per micro liter of blood. Having too many or too few platelets may harm your health. One common problem of people is having too few platelets. This kind of disease called as thrombocytopenia. Keep reading to know more about this.

ICD-10 Code for Thrombocytopenia

A system that is full of codes to diagnose some diseases in medical term is called as ICD. ICD stands for International Classification of Diseases which is used internationally. This system is expending by year and year. From the first version, ICD is arrived in its tenth revision (ICD-10).  ICD-10 code for thrombocytopenia is D69.6. It is a valid ICD-10 diagnosis code that you can find on Chapter 3 in section D65-D69. The icd 10 code for thrombocytopenia can be found on category D69.

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Causes of Thrombocytopenia

In general, your body may not produce enough platelets if you have a:

  • Cancer, for example leukemia or lymphoma
  • Blood disorders called aplastic anemia.
  • Virus such as chickenpox, mumps, HIV, rubella or Epstein-Barr.
  • Platelet-lowering disease that runs in your family.
  • Rare diseases that make blood clots form in the body.

Besides such diseases, you platelets can also be damaged by some condition:

  • Medicines (antibiotics, antiseizure drugs)
  • Pregnancy

Symptoms of Thrombocytopenia

Some people do not have any symptoms from thrombocytopenia. The bleeding can happen inside or outside your body and it can be heavy and hard to stop. The common symptoms that you may experience when your platelet is very low are:

  • Headaches
  • Heavy menstrual periods
  • Purple or red bruises called purpura
  • Blood in your urine or bowel movement
  • Tiny red or may be purple spots on your skin (petechiae)

Prevention of Thrombocytopenia

Prevention is always better than healing or treatment. Some things that u can simply do to prevent this kind of diseases include:

  • Since we know that this diseases forms by certain medicines. You can avoid medicines that decreased your platelet.
  • Avoid heavy drinking.
  • Avoid contact with toxic chemicals such as pesticides, arsenic and benzene.
  • Do not be lazy to talk with your doctor about getting vaccinated for viruses that can affect your platelets.
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