Basic Knowledge about Leukocytosis – ICD 10 For Leukocytosis

June 26, 2017

From its name, you may guess what it is. Leukocytosis is a disease that related o the white blood. Specifically, leukocytosis is a condition that causes a person’s to have too many white blood cells. A normal amount of white blood cells (WBCs) will help fight infections and diseases. ICD-10 code for leukocytosis is D72.829. This code is written as elevated white blood cell count or disorders of white blood cells. ICD-10 which stands for International Classification of Diseases is a standard diagnostic tool. ICD-10 code for leukocytosis can be found in Chapter 3 Section D70-D77.

Signs and Symptoms of Leukocytosis

Some symptoms may appear if you have leukocytosis but it can also have no signs and symptoms. Several common symptoms of leukocytosis are:

  • Fever
  • Feeling weak, sick or tired
  • Bleeding or bruising
  • You may also feel dizzy, faint or sweaty
  • Having trouble in breathing, thinking or may be seeing
  • Feeling pain or tingling in your arms, legs or abdomen
  • Losing weight without trying
  • Having poor appetite.
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Causes for Leukocytosis

There are several conditions that can lead you and increase your risk for leukocytosis. In the first place, any infection, inflammation or tissue damage may take you to a highest risk for leukocytosis. Having bone marrow problems such as leukemia or thrombocytopenia may be also caused leukocytosis. Other conditions that need extra attention are immune reactions such as during asthma or allergy attack and medicines used to treat inflammation such as health disorders, cancer, or breathing problems. Surprisingly, physical and emotional stress may also lead you to leukocytosis.

Treatments for Leukocytosis

After a person is diagnosed as leukocytosis patient, the person will need any of the following:

  • Medicines

Every disease needs medicines. In this case, the medicine may be given to decrease inflammation or treat an infection. You doctor may also give you medicine to decrease acid levels in your body or urine.

  • IV fluids

This will give you extra fluid and electrolytes.

  • Leukapheresis
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Leukapheresis is a method to decrease the number of white blood cells. Your blood will be taken through an IV and the WBCs will be separated to be given back to you.

Leukocytosis is absolutely something that cannot be underestimated. Contact your healthcare provider if you experience any symptom like what you read above such as bruise or bleed easily, feeling nauseated of tired, sick, etc.

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