A Number of Foods to Avoid for Anemia Patients, ICD-10 Code For Anemia

June 5, 2017

You have to be careful if you often feel tired, shortness of breath, lethargy or palpitation. These are symptoms of anemia. Anemia is a condition that occurs when your red blood cells or hemoglobin is low. Anemia can be caused by aging, high body mass, excessive blood loss, some medication, etc. International Classification of Diseases, tenth revision or ICD-10 code for anemia is D64.9. ICD-10 code for anemia is being listed in chapter 3 section D60-D64. If you are diagnosed as anemia patient, you should watch the foods you eat. Some foods may cause you to loss more red blood. Here are some foods to avoid for you who are diagnosed as anemia patients.

  1. Spinach

I am sure that you have heard about this kind of food. This food is suggested to the anemia patients in some cases but it has not been proven yet. Also, it includes a substance called oxalic acid which binds with the iron. You are highly supposed to know that oxalic acid is a food substance that you have to avoid.

  1. Coffee
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This is a common food to avoid that most of people have known. Coffee may keep you from absorbing iron into your system. You extremely have to avoid this kind of drink in order to combat or to prevent anemia.

  1. Red Wine

Some diseases such as heart diseases and cancer have red wine as a food to avoid and so do anemia. But white wine seems to have an advantage for anemia patients. It is believed to help with iron absorption. So, you’d better drink white wine instead of red wine.

  1. Black and Green Teas

Green tea has been known as an effective herb healing for some diseases like obesity. However, it does not work for anemia patients. But, some expansion studies must be done in order to make us sure about this.

  1. Cheese

Cheese is delicious and nice food to add with our main food but anemia patients have to be aware of cheese. Cheese contains calcium. Calcium interferes with the absorption of iron and of course that it can worsen your anemia condition.

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Thus, they are some foods you need to avoid. In other hand, anemia patients are advised not to eat calcium-containing food, tannin-rich foods, gluten-containing foods, phytate-rich foods, and oxalic acid foods. Make sure that you avoid those kinds of food.

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