Are Migraines Dangerous for Your Health? icd 10 code for migraine

January 26, 2017

Almost everyone ever feels a headache. This disease disturbs the daily activities so much. We cannot focus on the work or activities that we do. Then, how about migraine? Is a headache as same as migraine? Well, migraine is a more complex condition with a wide variety of symptoms. The main symptom is a painful headache and the others are disturbed vision, smells and sound, feeling sick and vomiting.

Migraine is also listed in a medical system call International Classification of Diseases, tenth version (ICD-10). This is a system that is used now before the expanding of it releases. This system includes some codes for so many diseases. ICD-10 code for migraine is G43.709. This code found by some classifications such as diseases of the nervous system (G00-G99), then episodic and paroxysmal disorders (G40-G47), and then arrives in ICD-10 code for migraine G43.

Are Migraines Dangerous for Your Health?

Most people think that migraine is a simple disease that is normally happens and easy to heal. But, this is wrong. The migraine can be very dangerous. These are some ways how migraines are dangerous for your health.

  1. You Can Feel Ache in Your Back
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Low back pain happened to many people with chronic migraine as those without headache. This pain creates a well-worn path though your nerves and brain. This could be changing the structure of your gray matter and makes you feel hurt throughout your body.

  1. Increase a Stroke Risk

Oh, this is really bad! As we know that stroke occurs when blood flow to your brain stops. It can definitely increase your risk for stroke.

  1. Vision Shifts

The precious thing in life, vision can be loss or changes by some type of migraines. The other caused eyelids to droop and your pupils to enlarge.

  1. You Sleep May Suffer

Logically, the pain from migraine can disturb and make you hard to fall asleep. Then, this poor sleep can worsen your head pain.

  1. Lose Your Hearing

Beside vision, migraine also may make you lose your hearing in some case. The doctors are not sure yet about the reason.

  1. Rising Blood Pressure
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You may experience hypertension if you have a chronic migraine. It is often happens during pregnancy.

That is all. Every disease has their consequences. Consult your doctor if you have a migraine. Remember to do not add your stress during migraine attack.

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