6 Foods to Avoid if You Have Hyperlipidemia

June 17, 2017

Cholesterol may sound so familiar to people but neither is hyperlipidemia. Actually, it is related to cholesterol. In specific, the hyperlipidemia is high cholesterol. It is a life-long condition that is actually treatable. ICD-10 code for hyperlipidemia is E78. The standard diagnostic tool, ICD is used by physicians, nurses, researchers, health information managers, among others, etc to define diseases.

It has been revised and published in series until the tenth series in this year before the new one. The ICD-10 code for hyperlipidemia can be found in Chapter 4, Section E70-E88. The major cause of hyperlipidemia is foods that have cholesterol, saturated fat and trans fats. These will raise your blood cholesterol level badly. Here are several foods to avoid.

  1. Cheese

Cheese may be one of the hyperlipidemia patients’ favorite. However, cheese is one food that can be filled with saturated fats and cholesterol. People often serve the dish of pasta and cheeses that is topped with breadcrumbs and a little bacon. These topings are making the cheese worse.

  1. Bacon
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Bacon and other processed meats are bad. They are believed as a source that can increase the risk of heart health issues and cholesterol. So, you have o limit the consumption of processed meats (bacon, sausage salami, hot dogs, and bologna).

  1. Ice Cream

Are u used to consume ice cream for dessert? From now, you have to be careful of ice cream. You have to know that a single cup of ice cream has more fat than a hamburger. You have to change your dessert immediately.

  1. Liver

You have to say no to liver since it contains high cholesterol. The most concentrated levels of cholesterol in animal meats are found in their organ meats like the liver. Someone with hyperlipidemia is highly suggested to skip this high-cholesterol food.

  1. Snacks

Most people are cannot be far from their favorite snacks. Unfortunately, snacks are bad and high in cholesterol. The fats are occurred from adding hydrogen to vegetable oil. The snacks that are high in cholesterol include cookies, cakes, French fries onion rings and others.

  1. Muffin
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Although there are several kinds of muffins, most muffins are high in cholesterol. The single serving of muffin may contain 8 grams of fat that is absolutely not good for hyperlipidemia. The high-cholesterol muffins can you find especially in those tempting treats loaded with extra ingredients which you can but at market and bake at home.

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